Casix provides a wide variety of coatings from simple single layer antireflective coatings using MgF2 and mirror coatings to complex multilayer dielectric stacks. Typical types of dielectric coatings are BBAR, V-coatings and dual wavelength AR coatings.

Casix owns many kinds of coaters to supply different coatings. We can provide coatings with high surface quality, high damage threshold coatings, and more. At present, we have a Veeco coater from the USA, Optorum coater from Japan, Leybold coater from Germany, a Korea coater and domestic coaters providing great variety and better quality coating options.

coating type properties and applications
antireflection Single Layer MgF Applied to materials with reflective indicies from 1.45 to 2.4. The most popular antireflective coating for visible wavelengths. It is insensitive to change in incidence angles.
Multilayer "V" Used to provide low reflectance within a narrow durable wavelength band for most laser applications. Minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%.
Broadband Multilayer These coatingshave excellent performance over a broad special broadband. Coating performance is sensitive to angle of incidence.
Dual Wavelength Band Offer very low reflectance at two widely spaced wave lengths, such as Nd: YAG Laser (1064) and its second harmonic (532).
partial reflection Narrow Band Provide 50% reflection and transmission at an angle of 45° incidence for a single wavelength. Perfect for beamsplitter applications. Transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 20/80. Additional T/R ratios for beamsplitter are available upon request.
Broadband Provide 50% reflection and transmission over a wide bandwidth. CASIX also provides coating with different R/T ratios and specific angles of incidence.
beamsplitter Laser Line Polarizing Beamsplitters High reflection for s-polarized and reflection for p-polarized for laser applications.
Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitters Wide wavelength bandwidths provide high reflection to s-polarized and antireflection to p-polarized.
Dichroic Beamsplitter Mirrors These coatings separate the laser fundamental and the pump wavelength or the fundamental and the second harmonic. They are specifically applied to laser mirrors.
dpss lasers Diode Pumped Laser Optics Coatings (DPO) These coatings are designed for a diode pumped laser. They can be deposited on a variety of substrates and have a high damage threshold.
high reflection Dioeletric High Reflective Coatings Provide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth and are ideal for tunable laser or white light applications.
Metallic High Reflective Coatings Metallic coating have low peak reflectance, mechanical durability and a high damage threshold, but they have an extremely broad bandwidth and low cost. They are insensitive to angle of incident light and polarization.

Single Layer MgF2 Antireflective Coatings (SAR)


Multilayer Antireflective Coatings (VAR)


Multilayer Broadband Antireflective Coatings (WAR)


Dual Wavelength Band Antireflective Coatings (DAR)


Single Wavelength Band Partial Reflective Coatings (SPR)


Broadband Partial Reflective Coatings (BPR)


Laser Line Polarizing Beamsplitter Coatings (LPS)


Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitter Coatings (BPS)


Dichroic Beamsplitter Mirrors (DBS)


Diode Pumped Laser Optic Coatings (DPO)


Dielectric High Reflective Coatings (DHR)


Metallic High Reflective Coatings (MHR)


Product Categories

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