For a high optical quality fiber ends, coating on the endface, or for accurate mounting in collimator applications, a practical solution is to glue the bare fiber to the core of a glass capillary. Pigtails provide a method of easy handling, resulting in a better finish.



Collimators, Isolators, Switches, WDM, MEMS, Circulators...


attribute commercial high precision
Diameter 1.0/1.6/1.8/2.2 ± 0.005mm
Length Tolerance ±0.25mm ±0.1mm
Bore Single or dual
Polishing angle 0/6/8/10/12 degree
Angle tolerence ± 0.3 degree ± 0.2 degree
Fiber Single mode/Multi mode/PM
Coating R<0.2%@central wavelength
(1310nm, 1550nm and so on)
Per customer requirement


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