Glass Optics

Casix is the leading manufacturer of glass optics.?We design, manufacture and supply precision glass optics including waveplates, beamsplitters, corner cubes, prisms, mirrors, polarizers, lenses and more, using glass from any customer-specified supplier. In addition, we manufacture display optics with advanced optical performance for projection displays and liquid crystal display (LCD) projection applications.

Through our sister company, VitroCom, also a wholly owned subsidiary of Fabrinet, we can provide standard and custom technological glass, including glass ferrules, tubing, sleeves and substrates in a full spectrum of sizes, materials and finishes.

Casix provides the following glass optics services:


We dice blocks of glass into smaller and smaller pieces using in-house, state-of-the-art dicing machines, incorporating a number of quality disciplines and controls to ensure high quality glass components of every size.


Casix offers course polishing through very high quality polishing achieving a 1-5 scratch-dig surface finish.

Custom Assembly

Multiple lines for custom optics assemblies using both epoxy contact and optical contact methods are available.

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